The Annex Real Estate

When mentioning the Annex neighborhood area, it seems that most people hold the view that it is quite organic, vivid and unique and it is one of the most attractive living communities in Toronto area. Having existed for more than 100 years, the annex community is a classic example of living areas that combines the fusion of diverse cultures and the merge of historical and modern architectures.


  1. Overview of the Annex Area

Perhaps the annex area has become one of the most inclusive place in Toronto: in this place, you could find artists who are obsessive with paintings or graffiti, or you could find students of University of Toronto discussing about their assignments, successful business people talking about current financial tendency news, or tourists wandering around this area. The traditional boarder of annex area is a rectangular area which includes Dupont Street and Bloor Street running east to west while Bathurst Street and Avenue Road running south to north. The diversity of annex area means you are accessible to various kinds of foods. For instance, you could enjoy the delicious flavor of sushi, at the same time, you could order pizza since there are lot of restaurants around the area.


  1. History

It was not until 1880s that the government decided to subdivide it and soon after that, it became the most famous residential area located in downtown Toronto. In the early times, it was mainly occupied with Victorian and Edwardian mansion styles. However, during the middle of the 20th century, the government decided to add more mid-rise and high- rise buildings to adjust to the rapid and booming economic environment. In 1975, the government approved a proposal to cease the development of high rise architectures. Currently, there are more than 500 constructs which are under the protection of Historical Board of Toronto.


  1. Real Estates information

Annex area belongs to the elite neighborhood, which means prices of real estate constructs are expensive. This is mainly because the Annex community is quite mature: meaning you can find anything for recreation or necessity intentions. Here, you could participate in activities held by Native Canadian Centre of Toronto, and you could enjoy reading in Spadina Road Public Library. Depending on the specific location and numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms, housing prices are quite different in Annex area. Basically, the price range of this area is between 400,000 and 14,000,000 dollars.