About Mississauga Real Estate

Mississauga is situated on the shores of Lake Ontario and has population of 721, 599 as of the 2016 census. It is also a multicultural city with about more than 50% of the population speaks a language other than English. Mississauga is also home to the busiest international airport in Canada. Many people would agree with us that the city of Mississauga is a great place to settle, raise a family or start a business or to retire.

Mississauga is not only the sixth-most populous municipality in Canada, but also one of the most populous suburbs in the world. Mississauga is also home to more than sixty Global or Canadian head offices of Fortune 500 companies.

Not only is Mississauga is growing rapidly on its economy but its arts and culture as well as attractions, which have made the city a great place to settle down. We must agree that real estate in Mississauga has been a big part of real estate market in Ontario because of its diversity from condo to townhouses, mansions, semi-detached homes and detached homes.

As Mississauga real estate agents know, Mississauga’s growth was attributed to its proximity to city of Toronto and was developed as a suburb of Toronto. In the late 1930s, the first suburban developments occurred in the southern area and it has moved north and west in the later days.

Real estate in Mississauga has continued to expand through 1960 and 70s. Much of Mississauga’s agricultural lands were eroded by the new developments in the north and east.

As more and more people are coming to Mississauga from all of the world and across different cities in Canada to settle down, the real estate market is busier than ever. More people are starting to see the potential of Mississauga. If you are looking into relocating or investing in Mississauga, right now is definitely the time to explore this rapidly growing city.