Mississauga School Rankings

When people searching to buy a home, school is one of the most important factors for families and children. In fact, one of the first few questions that my clients ask when considering a home is usually school related. In many scenarios, people looking to buy a home in a specific area because they want their children to go to the local school.

Below is a list of sites that provide information on schools including rankings by the Fraser Institute.

The Fraser Institute is an independent non-partisan research and educational organization headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. The institute  research about government actions in areas that deeply affect Canadians’ quality of life such as taxation, health care, aboriginal issues, education, economic freedom, energy, natural resources and the environment.. Their school report cards offer detailed tables showing how well schools performed in academics over a number of years.


Click below to see their rankings of Mississauga elementary schools and secondary schools:

Elementary schools rankings

Secondary schools rankings