Home Staging

Staging makes your home appealing to the prospective buyers and prepares your home ready
for them. Our staging techniques focus on transforming property into a welcoming and
attractive place that anyone might want. Our goal is to make a home or a condominium
appealing to most potential buyers and therefore the property can be sold for a higher price.

You only have one chance to impress prospective buyers which means their first impressions as
soon as they saw your home is very important, and in most cases can determine their final
decisions. Home staging can show the potential of your property by incorporating interior
design techniques such as adding art pieces, paintings, accessories, lights, green plants and
carpet depending on the type of property.

Staging your home has another benefit is that it can give buyers a reason to buy and sets your
home apart from competitions. Usually properties that have been carefully staged are more
advantageous over those ones that are not staged. As a result, staging your home can
ultimately increase the chances to sell your property and at a more favorable price.

To the sellers, our goal is to sell your property for top dollar. Even though selling can be
stressful, with our help in the process we will make sure that you will get positive results and
experience. Our home staging service is provided for free and exclusively to our client in order
to make the selling a pleasant and stress-free experience.

Our home staging process usually starts with an assessment on your property and evaluation of
your home value in the current market. We will carefully review flooring, walls, ceiling,
windows, arrangement, furniture and anything that needs to be re-arranged or replaced. Each
client will get a customized report based on their property’s conditions, which will explain what
needs to be done before getting ready for the market.

After we determine what needs to be changed in your property, we will then prepare your
home to be showcased. Our staging manager will give detailed suggestions on how to
transform your home into the stage that most buyers would find appealing.

Showcasing your property would be the last steps before photos are taken. We will make sure
that your home captures buyers’ eyeballs in the first sight and would love to picture themselves
living in.

If you want to receive free home evaluation or learn about how staging can help you sell your
property at top dollar please contact Russ at 416-996- 0230